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EMBR offers businesses more than just ‘lead generation’ services. We have extensive experience from ‘the client side’ of marketing. Meaning we have sat in your seat and dealt with agencies before. We understand your hesitations, we understand you desire for ROI and we know how to add value in ways that others overlook.
We conduct the research to ensure you are not only generating the right leads for your business, but assist you in contacting them as effectively as possible and
nurturing them for optimal conversion.
We understand that there is no one ‘cookie cutter’ solution for all. Every industry and business within that industry is unique and therefore we apply to each campaign:




Cost Per Lead Model

EMBR is a premium performance based digital marketing agency that puts our money where our mouth is when it comes to lead generation. We don’t ask you to pay for clicks, impressions, links, SEO, social media or anything intangible. We work with you to determine a fair ‘cost per lead’ price that works in with your effective cost per acquisition goals so that you only pay for actual qualified leads that we deliver to you. We do this across multiple industry verticals including Finance, Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Electricity and Gas, Property Investment, Education, e-commerce, Solar and virtually any B2C industry.

Dedicated Account Managers

Unlike others in our space, EMBR is based in Australia and have real life account managers that answer their emails and return your phone calls. We have run over 1,000 campaigns in Australia and New Zealand with small businesses through to tier 1 ASX listed multi-nationals. We take a collaborative approach to your campaign and in most cases there is 3 or more eyes looking over your campaign to ensure it performs optimally. EMBR has a “No Cut-n-Paste” philosophy, meaning every client is different and therefore every campaign is too.

Scaleable and Sustainable Lead Generation

Leads are the life blood of every growing business and its crucial to secure your future growth by enlisting an effective lead generation strategy. One of the biggest challenges in lead generation is scaleability and sustainability. We have experience working with local and small businesses through to SMEs and Tier 1 banks and financial institutions. Our specialty is ‘scale’. Whether you need 10 leads per week or 10,000 we can handle all sorts of campaigns of scale in a sustainable manner. EMBR is also very nimble in scaling up or down your campaign to suit your sales calendars and requirements.


EMBR offers businesses more than just ‘lead generation’ services. We have extensive experience from ‘the client side’ of marketing. Meaning we have sat in your seat and dealt with agencies before. We understand your hesitations, we understand you desire for ROI and we know how to add value in ways that others overlook.



  • Jimmy L`Almont
    Jimmy L`Almont Managing Director
  • David Bodnar
    David Bodnar Head of Technology & Marketing Operations
  • Tessa Brady
    Tessa Brady Campaign Manager
  • Paulo Alexander
    Paulo Alexander Senior Affiliate Manager



What personal details can you collect on the lead?

Short answer: Unlimited. As a minimum we collect name, email, postcode and mobile telephone number. We have virtually unlimited capabilities in terms of asking users for information, it is just dependant upon the balancing act of generating enough qualified leads, without the contact form feeling too intrusive. For example, if you’re a mortgage broker, it is helpful on the contact form to ask which bank the user is currently with so that when you contact them you be prepared with a comparison quote.

How do you generate leads?

We use entirely digital methods. We use email marketing, display and banner traffic, content marketing and paid search traffic, social media marketing and a proprietary built private affiliate network where we manage over 100+ active publishers ready to run traffic to your offers. We can either drive traffic to your website for people to sign up on your website or you can utilise one of our 30+ highly optimised and proven web assets for us to send you the leads in real-time. We can also enlist incentivised survey’s to really ramp up the lead volumes and targeting.

What are your Payment terms?

Typically we require a 50% deposit for new clients to gets started, then moving forward all of our ongoing clients are billed on a NET30 basis for all valid leads delivered in the previous month.

What and how can you target and qualify a lead?

Effectually the targeting capabilities are endless. Depending upon the level of targeting you require will determine the channel we choose to engage for your campaign. Some of our channels allow us to target blonde hair females that are 25 – 35 years old, have a mortgage and live in a 5km radius of every major city in Australia except Darwin and Hobart.

Who owns the data or leads? Are they Exclusive?

The majority of our campaigns lead data is owned exclusively by the client running that campaign. However, depending upon which channel we engage for your campaign will determine data ownership and marketing rights and restrictions. Some of our channels allow us to offset the cost per lead by sharing the lead ownership. This will be entirely transparent and your decision.

Opt-in rights? Are your leads spam compliant?

All leads are collected in a 100% consensual manner. The lead is aware of the opt-in and the client receives the opt-in rights to contact the lead according to the data provided by the lead. This is made clear on the opt-in form for the lead and your company details are included in the agreed upon terms and conditions of opt-in.

How long does it take to get started?

In most cases, we can start campaigns using our web properties within 24hrs.

Can you design a campaign for me?

Yes. We are specialists at crafting the right campaign and messaging for your product or services.

How do I receive the Leads?

We work with sophisticated API delivery technology that can validate and authenticate the leads before they are delivered to you, either directly into your CRM or in a CSV file each morning via email.

What GEOs do you work in?

Predominantly in AU and NZ, soon to be UK and USA.

How many cups of coffee do you drink per day?

Too many.


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